Workshop for Part 10

Workshop Part 10

In part 10 we meet Elik Peled-Elhanan whose 14 year old sister Smadar was killed by a suicide bomber in 1996. At an alternative annual commemoration ceremony to those who have died in the previous year due to the conflict he calls on the public not to mourn but to express rage against leaders who did not do enough to bring about peace.

The Peled-Elhanan and Aramin families are close friends and active members of Combatants for Peace
and the Forum for Bereaved Families. Bassam says “Our work is not being bereaved parents. Our work is to engage in the non-violent struggle against the politics behind our conflict and to stop the Occupation for the sake of both sides”.

Issues to Explore:

  1. Use this workshop to discuss the issues Elik raises, and to discuss your experience and response to the film and workshops. Do you feel it is has enabled you to address stepping out of denial and violence, stepping out of unethical collective narratives, and engaging in the concept of the Ethical Mindset in your own work or community? Please share your views on the Discussion Forum (hyperlink: )

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