Who We Are

MovingBeyondViolence is a network of relational psychotherapists, academics, communications professionals and associated peace groups committed to finding a non-violent path to resolving the human, social and emotional impasse national junior honor society essay currently affecting Israeli-Palestinian relations. You will find those who constitute the dynamic film team in the sidebar to the right. Irris Singer created the vision of the project, which would not be available today without those who joined her. At the very core of the project is an attempt to understand how it is that some people relinquish denial and violence, and step out of warrior or victim identities. The film team’s extensive work in this field has led them to devise a concept the Ethical Mindset which underpins the processes of relinquishing denial and violence and moving into a culture of mutual hospitality and care. Moving Beyond Violence into an Ethical Mindset is presented in the film, and the website, as a multi-stage guided project. It consists of this website, with a series of 10 short pedagogic films, each accompanied by customisable interactive workshops designed to explore the concepts and processes which we attribute to stepping out of denial of that which is dehumanising, and an ethical mindset which can be adapted to family, work and community settings. Dr Jessica Benjamin of New York University, an internationally known relational psychotherapist working in conflict resolution offers a psycho-social commentary throughout the film.  There are also 37 pre-recorded audio conversations between Dr Benjamin and Dr Martin Land, physicist. These components form the basis of a community intervention for those summary of divine comedy working in education, psychotherapy, family and child care, conflict resolution and peacemaking as well as politicians, activists, creative artists and interested citizens interested in ethical personal, social and political mindsets and behaviours.

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