1917 Balfour Declaration — UK promises national homeland for Jews in Palestine

1923-48 British Mandate in Palestine  

1920-39 250,000 Jews migrate to Palestine

1936-39 Arab Revolt against Jewish immigration and Mandate suppressed by British

1937 British recommend Partition Plan into Arab and Jewish States of approximatey equal size

1938 British White Paper recommends binational State

1939-45 World War II

1939-45 The Holocaust — Nazi regime systematically persecutes and murders six million Jews and six million left-wing activists, Roma, lesbians and gays and disabled people

1948 British leave Palestine — UN 181 Partition resolution is never instituted

1948 Declaration of the State of Israel — in war between Israelis and Arab states, Israel gains 50% more land than in Partition agreement

1948-49 Al Nakba / The Catastrophe — Israel carries out expulsion plan and 750,000 Palestinian Arabs lose their land and become refugees

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