Riva Joffe

Riva JoffeRiva Joffe

Riva Joffe is South African, from a political exile family that moved to London in the 1940s. She became involved in the anti-Apartheid movement, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and later the women’s movement. Currently she works for Palestinian rights, as a Jewish-heritage, anti-Zionist who has renounced her so-called ‘Right of Return’.

Her earlier careers included palaeontology research, writing a book, Conservation, and teaching Biology. She adopted two children, and after studying for an MSc in human nutrition, worked in public health and taught in medical schools. Later she became a training consultant and a mediator, specialising in personal development and in diversity and equalities.

She trained as a psychotherapist some 25 years ago and now works overtly politically, mostly with people who have experience of discrimination and is also active in bringing the psychotherapy profession into line with demands of Equalities legislation.

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