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Hanif KhanHanif Khan

Hanif Khan lives in London UK and is married with two children. Hanif is a video director, lighting cameraman and editor who runs his own business in media production. He has more than 15 years experience in broadcast television, working for Sky, BBC, MTA Intl. and other broadcasters. He has directed sport events and festivals along with producing corporate video production of the highest quality using high definition (full HD).

Hanif Khan is a committed professional with considerable capacity to deliver crisp, effective editing and technical advice, whether for news programmes or magazine style show features. His broadcast work has featured location filming at major live sporting events, award ceremonies and festivals.

He works closely with MTA Intl, a 24hr TV Station run mainly by full time volunteers, which is self-funded, it is geared towards family viewing. His main work for MTA Intl. is Training and Development, however he has worked as technical coordinator, in all aspects of live and recorded production, in particular News Production.

Hanif was President of the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce in 2010. He is also a member of the Hounslow Borough Community Police Consultative Group. Hanif is involved in residents’ concerns and in securing improvements in peoples lives. This is why he was passionate about working on the film with Irris and the team on Beyond Violence and is proud to be part of such a brilliant piece of work.

Hanif enjoy’s playing Football and Badminton and enjoys yearly skiing trips


Languages: First Language English Urdu (fluently spoken), Arabic (read)

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