An integral part of Moving Beyond Violence is this ten part series of connected, short pedagogic films exploring Palestinian Bassam’s and Israeli Itamar’s stories of rejection of their warrior selves to become combatants for peace. We explore that journey in the light of our concept of the ‘Ethical Mindset’, which was inspired by Jessica Benjamin’s Moral Third. The Ethical Mindset was developed by relational psychotherapist and peace activist Irris Singer, and the Beyond Violence team. You can meet us in 'Who We Are'. Moving Beyond Violence is a multi-stage guided process designed to help step out of denial, overcome perpetrator and victim identities, diminish trauma and end violence and sacrifice.

We invited Dr Jessica Benjamin of New York University to accompany Bassam and Itamar’s stories of stepping out of denial with her commentary on the psycho-political processes underlying their journey and give us her ideas on dispute resolution and peace-building.

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