Part 6: Death of a Child

Bassam and his wife Salwa tell of the death of their 10 year old daughter Abir, shot and killed by Israeli Army Border Police. Both attempt to speak of their pain and loss.  Bassam chooses justice over revenge; revenge will give him satisfaction but he refuses to sacrifice himself to life imprisonment or to sacrifice his children by leaving them without a father; he chooses an active political role rather than to be a victim.

Salwa tells us about what she went through after Abir died. She felt betrayed by the peace movement, and wanted nothing more to do with it. But eventually she agrees to continue with peace work "because it makes no sense to keep killing and be killed." The support she received from all members of Combatants for Peace encouraged her to continue working with them.
Bassam feels a responsibility to continue with his 'message'; he calls for the trial of Abir’s killer. Jessica Benjamin concludes that the chapter speaks for itself and all that’s left to say is that, “Bassam, Salwa and Rami (an Israeli member of Combatants for Peace who lost his daughter to a suicide bomber) are three people who, in the face of immense human tragedy, can still recognise their enemy as human. They give us all great hope.”

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