Terminology: transgression; attachment; failed witness; dissociation; rupture and repair; witnessing; asymmetry of power

  1. What happens to your identity when you become a member of a group?
  2. What do you understand by the term 'witnessing'? Can you give examples?
  3. Can you think of an example of failed witnessing of an individual or a community?
  4. How does dialogue help members of Combatants for Peace, given the imbalance of power, when they are in conflict?

Building Skills

  1. How can group members be helped to identify their own and others' identities and retain them?
  2. Having recognised different identities, what sort of work on difference might be helpful?
  3. What team building would you suggest to establish relationships and the aims and purpose of the group?
  4. How would you build a programme to help groups deal with external and internal imbalance of power?
  5. Build a model for witnessing individual and/or community trauma that includes empathic listening and feeling and recognition.
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