Terminology: 'the third'; 'the moral third' ; attachment patterns; empathy; recognition; resilience; 'refusenik'

  1. What sort of family attachment patterns do Bassam and Itamar come from? Do they differ?
  2. Reflect on your own family attachment patterns. How would you describe them in comparison to Bassam's and Itamar's?
  3. How do you understand Itamar's father's reaction to his pilot 'refusenik' son Yonatan?
  4. Where else besides the family are secure attachments experienced?

Building Skills

  1. What would building a secure base for a classroom, a work place, a political group, or family entail for your profession?
  2. How can you create a culture of empathy and recognition between individuals and groups where there are members from different cultural, political or ethnic backgrounds
  3. Can you build an exercise deconstructing the idea that "It is good to die (and kill) for your country" in favour of seeking 'the third', an alternative way?