What is Moving Beyond Violence?

Moving Beyond Violence is both this persuasive speech topic pedagogical website and documentary 10 Part video series.

The website and the film are designed to assist and enable the Creative Process of Stepping Out of Denial, particularly within the Palestinian – Israeli Conflict, but also in any wider conflict resolution and peace work across a range of educational and community settings.

The process starts with the film. The film material, accompanied by psychoanalyst Jessica Benjamin’s psycho-political commentary, is complex and can be approached from many angles depending on the needs of participants and the context in which they are working.

Each of the 10 Videos is accompanied by a Workshop with guided suggestions to kill a mockingbird book summary found in a section called Issues to Explore.

Our project is interactive and builds on group and community experience. Please screen the film and then join in the process of moving beyond violence and stepping out of denial.

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